The Harmonious Tale! Apple iPods

In 2001, the music world saw a revolution that swayed away a lot of hearts. It was the introduction of an iPod by apple. iPod by Apple was a music player that came in to the music market with a storage capacity of 5 gigabytes. At present, after 12 years, or let us say six iPod generations later, an iPod not only plays songs but is efficient enough to play videos, movies, games, click pictures and so on. Now it can store up to 160 GB of data including all types and sizes of files. This progression was a result of the developing consumer and electronic market.  And today everyone wishes to flaunt an iPod and has become more of a status symbol. iPods best price in India is variedly dependent on the type of purchase i.e. online or from a store.


The Harmonious Tale! Apple iPods

The Harmonious Tale! Apple iPods

The Harmonious Tale! Apple iPods

The Various Types of iPods


The iPod Shuffle

The cheapest one of the slot, the iPod Nano is a great model by Apple that possesses various colors, high storage capacity and a glowing screen. Serving all types of music needs, this might not be equipped with the upgraded features but still is very popular and desirable among the generations.

The iPod Nano

After Shuffle its Nano! The sleek, compact and stylish iPod by Apple is a delight to anyone who holds it. It is bundled with great features, amazing design and comparatively low prices. The compact dimensions and very light weight makes it even more efficient.

The iPod Classic

Apple iPod Classic Sixth Generation 160GB Black

The iPod classic is the most pleasing model of Apple iPod series. Carried forward as a style statement from old to young, it has been gaining popularity for years now. Though it does not carry a great style as iPod Touch but its 120GB storage capacity makes it highly advanced to store a huge number of songs, videos, movies and more.


The iPod Touch

The latest and modish creation of Apple is the iPod Touch. This gadget carries all the functions of an iPhone except for calling and camera functions. You will be able to get this model under different versions like 8GB, 16 GB and 32 GB. so according to individual needs of storing data, one can choose a model and go about saving their favorite stuff on the device. The touch screen of this model makes it highly likeable and so does its Wi-Fi connectivity option.  


iPod Accessories

Toggling amid the apps and iPod software, an Apple iPod has a lot more to offer. With great functionality and a splurge of versatility, this device possesses a number of features. This can be further enhanced by adding accessories to the iPod. The addition of accessories is one reason; iPods have become such an integral part of everyone’s life. 

Philips AJ3270D 12 Clock Radio for iPod iPhone

The iPod is present everywhere obviously if you own one that is because it is very much different from a normal mp3 player. Taking advantage of the iPod, the entire category of broadcast media is flourishing onto a whole new level.  


The widespread list of accessories available for the iPod is designed with iPod’s compatible hardware and software. These provide an overall digital media experience without a hitch. There are a number of iPod accessories that can be purchased from Apple and made a part of your entertainment world making it more fun and advantageous.   

Philips AJ7030D 12 Clock Radio Dock for ipod iphone

·         These include microphone for recording voice memos, External digital voice recorders and radio transmitters for all the audio purposes.

·         The accessories also include a camera connector that allows you to download photos directly from a dig cam to your iPod.

·         The iPod can also be equipped with a universal dock for charging, syncing or connecting to an external device. There is also a remote control that can be used to control the universal dock. You can buy best iPod and iPhone Docks Online in India at a very reasonable price.

·         For portability purposes, you can equip your iPod with shiny cases and skins to customize it and protect it under harsh situations.

It also has in-car iPod holders and audio adapters so that you can enjoy your music even while driving.

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