Secret Google Analytics Tips And Tricks For Bloggers

Secret Google Analytics Tips And Tricks For Bloggers
Secret Google Analytics Tips And Tricks For Bloggers

Secret Google Analytics Tips And Tricks For Bloggers : Whether you are a newbie and running a simple personal blog, or you have a business which you want to extend to the limits of the skies, you will have to manage site or blog’s visitors data. For this task Google Analytics is the best platform for individual bloggers and huge organizations, but many people don’t look at the right places or we can say that they are unaware of the power of Google Analytics. Many bloggers are using Google Analytics to increase their blog traffic by researching about the top keywords, and then focusing on those keywords which are performing well in the search. Blogger then go ahead and write some nice articles with the help of that keyword data, most newbies often just check the page views and the unique visitors to their blog or site, and they leave the rest untouched, even many WordPress new users are looking for some plugins which will provide them real time analytics. For this purpose WP-Slimstat will do a perfect job, but i will suggest everyone to go for Google Analytics, in this article we are going to show you some tips and tricks about Google Analytics which will not only help you to get more information about your blog or site, and your blog or site will also perform better in search if you follow those simple tutorials for Google Analytics…



Secret Google Analytics Tips And Tricks For Bloggers


Secret Google Analytics Tips And Tricks For Bloggers
Secret Google Analytics Tips And Tricks For Bloggers


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Secret Google Analytics Tips And Tricks For Bloggers



keywords Investigation

You must take keywords Investigation pretty seriously if you want to get higher in the Google search engine, this will give you a clear idea about what your readers are interested in and how well are you rank for a keyword. Additional tip for newbies is that they can use long-tail keywords to rank better in the Google search engine.


Internal Site Search

You can also get a great traffic boost from the Internal Site Search results of the Google Analytics, Check what your readers are looking for in your blog or site and then write content for those sentences and keywords, or you can optimize your current blog posts for the search terms. Go to Content then Site Search and after that Search Terms through which you will learn more about the top 10 search and keyword terms which in my opinion may surprise you.


Track Visitor Activities


In Google Analytics your job is not only to check page views and unique visits, you will have to examine your visitor’s activities as well. Are they finding your content useful and are they staying on your site for a longer period of time or your bounce rate is up. You have to focus on increasing the Entrances column which indicates total visitors who are entering your blog, then you can focus on decreasing the Bounce Rate, and at last the Exit percentage which is similar to the page Bounce Rate.



Block Google Analytics From polluting data


Many users are visiting their site or blog more often and no one wants to corrupt the Google Analytics results with their own presence. With the help of two easy methods you can block yourself from being tracked by Google Analytics, the first one is Block Via Filters and the second one is Block via host file in your computer, by the first method you can filter your IP if you have a static IP address but this method is not recommended, because once you applied the filter there is no reverse gear. While the second method is much easier and hassle free, all you have to do is to add these two lines to your host file in your computer, which are and, Note host file is located here in Windows C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc and On Mac located here /private/etc/…



Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics Connection


I am pretty sure that many blogger will be unaware of the fact that they can connect their Google Webmaster Tools account to the Google Analytics account, which will in tern allow them to see more features in the Google Analytics account such as, search queries, number of impressions, and the number of links with Keyword position and many useful new features. Now how you can connect Google Webmaster Tools account in the Google Analytics is pretty simple, go to Traffic Sources then Search Engine Optimization, there you will be able to see a page where you can link your account, a a button will says like this “Set up Webmaster Tools data sharing” click on this and after that you have to click on the edit in the Webmaster Tools Settings. After all this you will be redirected to the Google Webmaster Tools account, now you will be able to connect your Google Analytics there.



Now Its Your Turn


The above are just a few Tips And Tricks For Bloggers about Google Analytics from my personal experience, but there are plenty of more secret tips and tricks about Google Analytics. If you have some better tips which can help out fellow bloggers in their career, then don’t hesitate to share them in the comments below so that other bloggers can also benefit from it. Do visit our social profiles for more latest updates about all the latest stuff from around the Internet. Now its your turn apply the above Secret Google Analytics Tips And Tricks on your blog and site and see the results for yourself…

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